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Social Skills Mastery

Dec 3, 2022

Who you have been socially for the better part of your life doesn't have to be who you are forever. You are not an inanimate, digitized product, which once programmed, cannot change or grow. Your life is shaped significantly by the character you create and the story you tell yourself about the kind of person you are, what you're capable of achieving and how you should behave.

But what happens when we desperately want to take on more of a leading role socially, but your presence and persona are not in sync with that character? And what happens when your view of who you are holds you back? Is there something that would propel your social life forward, but that you just can't bring yourself to do? If so, it's time for you to create a different social image, a new story and a character who embraces every trait you've been resisting.

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