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Social Skills Mastery

Aug 5, 2020

Communicating with clarity has many facets, and advocating clearly for your financial future is one of them. I invited Kelly Hollingsworth on the the show to help women feel more empowered and comfortable in acquiring the funds that are rightfully yours. Kelly started her first business at age 13, cleaning houses for $5 an hour. She became one of the few female hedge fund managers in the world.

On the road from housekeeper to hedge fund manager, Kelly cracked the earnings code for women. So she left the billion-dollar boys’ club, and now she’s bringing everything she knows about making money to the girls’ team.

Making more money starts with having more fun. To do this, women must dissolve the five fears that keep them on the sidelines of commerce. When Kelly’s clients dissolve these fears, they routinely double, triple, and quadruple their earnings.

The 5 Financial Fears discussed on the show include:

  1. Fear of Desire
  2. Fear of Autonomy
  3. Fear of Visibility
  4. Fear of Confrontation
  5. Fear of Equality

You can learn all about How to Make More Money in Kelly’s podcast, “How to Make More Money.”

Book mentioned: The Patriarchy Stress Disorder