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Social Skills Mastery

Oct 30, 2022

There are rules of conduct for how you go about your workday, be it in-person or virtual, and that is business etiquette. These rules are the accepted or required norms in your specific profession and/or workplace, and they may be very different and not come into play in an alternate setting or social community.


Oct 7, 2022

Society and our workplaces place a high premium on being confident and feeling good.

We all recognize that our success accelerates when we are confident.  The reason is simple.  Without confidence we revert to fear, and when we are fearful we don’t take any action.  We hesitate, we delay and we procrastinate.  When...

Oct 3, 2022

Peter Yawitz is the author of “Flip-Flops and Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Culture”, a social skills book targeted toward new professionals in the workforce, however, anyone can benefit from the solid guidance mixed with a bit of humor as we wade into the somewhat mucky waters of...