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Social Skills Mastery

Nov 25, 2020

Your conference presentation may have been planned for a hotel ballroom, and now it’s been relocated to Zoom. Does that mean you can relax? Presentations, speaking, and any form of public address are pivotal moments in your career, whether they are face-to-face or virtual, they always matter.

Your colleagues and peers will take you as seriously as you take yourself. Therefore, if you try to wing-it when presenting, you may experience a fail that reverberates for years to come, each time your name is mentioned — even when you change organizations.

You've likely already had to give an important speech at one time or another. Did you feel confident Was it well received? If not, where did you see room for improvement? With that said, could your public speaking benefit from an evaluation prior to hitting the stage, and perhaps some serious polish?

Let’s start working now on getting it right the next time and build from there!    

Devin Marks, more popularly known as The TED Talk Whisperer is a top speaker coach and has helped countless executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, and budding thought leaders prepare for the hard to obtain and demanding TEDx stage, and make the leap to the big TED site. On today’s episode, he shares his perspective on what makes the best talks and how you can use the same techniques to ensure you hit it out of the park the next time all eyes are on you.

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