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Social Skills Mastery

Nov 4, 2021

Being the first to offer a greeting as basic as “Hi” followed by your name is a total power move. When you are the first to speak and extend your arm for a handshake, you are seen as friendly, confident, and in control. That's attractive and impressive, primarily because most people wait for people to approach them first, not from a position of superiority, but from reluctance and fear of rejection.

More importantly, acknowledging people in business and socially is a kind gesture. We all want to be seen, and when someone takes the time to step out of their bubble to say hello it creates a moment of shared humanity.


The Social Priming System will help you practice ideal interactions and outcomes BEFORE they occur. You can download FREE social priming audios here.

Social and “people skills” coaching will help you create new habits and overcome self-doubt. Sound intriguing? Let’s talk!