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Social Skills Mastery

Dec 25, 2021

Social rejection or the feelings that support it are an inevitable part of life. We are designed to be social beings with the intention to connect and link to and through one another continuously and through the varied paths of our lives.

It is possible to be prepared for and comfortable with social rejection before it occurs, rather than feeling distraught. When you have your own back—meaning you have the ability to manage your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can then be more effective than when you expect a particular response, feel rejected, and react in desperation.

Episode 76 of Social Skills Mastery provides you with a method to remove the sting of perceived rejection by reframing it using the law of polarity, as everything is two things or has two opposing aspects. These tools are highly useful and provide the context to allow potential anger, anxiety, jealousy, or sadness to quickly become its polar opposite.



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