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Social Skills Mastery

Jun 19, 2022

 It won’t matter if I don’t offer my ideas. They already have a lot to think about. My ideas are not important

It pains me when I hear a super smart, creative, and gifted person express the opinion that it doesn’t matter when they don’t offer their thoughts in meetings and social situations, and that their contributions are not important, therefore there is no chance they’re missed.

Many people have trouble properly valuing themselves, for a variety of reasons. Work environments that encourage you to feel valued are more likely to function well in a crisis, as well as work better in an everyday way.

To those who have trouble valuing themselves - let me just say – “Been there — done that!”. If you are someone who thinks that your opinions are not important, you know you’re not truly engaged, and therefore you inadvertently harm the organization by withholding your ideas and visions.

High-performance Coaching can help you to correct this misperception of your role and its importance.


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