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Social Skills Mastery

Jan 7, 2023

Your thoughts create your reality and shape your life.

In other words, the conditions and circumstances of your life are the result of your thoughts and beliefs.

  • Do you want to improve your connections?
  • Do you want to be perceived as warm and not cold?

To do so, you need to start with your thoughts. You need to get rid of the thoughts that make you stay where you are. You need to to start thinking different thoughts, so that your new thoughts become your reality.

Since your thoughts become reality, you need to be careful of what you think.

To create the reality you want:

  • Become aware of your thoughts.
  • Avoid the ones you do not want.
  • When a negative thought occupies your attention, immediately replace it with a positive, high-value thought.
  • And always avoid negative, repressing, and unhappy thoughts.

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