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Social Skills Mastery

Nov 18, 2020

Despite their best efforts, some people consistently struggle to connect personally and professionally. Whether it's a job interview, co-worker, client, or customer relationships, there is a disconnect in how they click, link, and synch. How wonderful will your life be when you learn to quickly "get" people, and they in turn "get " you?

Whether you're a professional or small business owner responsible for bringing in clients, or a marketer looking for the right words and approach that will boost sales for your clients, Compelling Selling helps you decipher the personality and buying style of the consumer, thus enabling you to spend both time and dollars more wisely.

Today's guest, Dr. Nancy Zare is the author of Compelling Selling. The book provides the exact words to use to influence buying behavior, as the title infers, and also how to better communicate with clarity and confidence in everyday relationships.

A psychologist and retired professor, Dr. Nancy Zare has dedicated her life to helping people communicate more effectively. She earned her master's and a doctorate from Boston College and is an Amazon best-selling author and past president of the National Speakers Association of New England. She originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach business owners and service-based professionals how to open sales conversations, follow up, and get more business. Accredited in sales training and accelerated learning, Nancy turns education into edutainment. Her secret passion is to go racing on the Autobahn. Be ready to laugh, think, share, and be wowed as she drives home the idea of how buyers buy.

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