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Social Skills Mastery

Dec 9, 2021

Are thoughts about what you can accomplish preventing you from being an interpersonal skills ninja? You are likely experiencing limiting beliefs, or pervasive thoughts about your capabilities that are a roadblock to social ease and success.

Limiting beliefs, in most cases, are unconscious thoughts, which on the surface appear to be an aid in helping you avoid faux pas, frustrations, failure and disappointment. They are often tied to a time in the past where you may have suffered personally from an undesirable outcome,  and now when you come face-to-face with a similar situation, your subconscious finds a way to try to block it. A good starting exercise to counteract limiting beliefs is to look for the root of the problem by finding the agent causing such negativity.

Society imposes standards that generate limiting beliefs, and we tend to base our performance on the norm.

What is more important is creating a standard that pushes you to reach higher and achieve more, but completely on your own terms and in accordance with your own rules.

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