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Social Skills Mastery

Mar 23, 2023

No matter what level you’re at as a professional or an entrepreneur, a social coach can help you progress faster and farther than you would on your own. From providing a much-needed self-awareness check to helping erase blind spots and expand your network, a social coach can give you both the tools and perspective...

Mar 12, 2023

The problem with being shy in business and socially is that it limits your opportunities to network and build strong connections with people. The real issue is that it’s virtually impossible to avoid people and social settings, so you suffer extreme discomfort on a daily basis and feel uncomfortable each time you have...

Feb 23, 2023

Getting rejected hurts.

And even after the initial sting, we wonder what it is about us that made this person reject us.

In a word:  Nothing.  Even though it doesn’t feel that way, being rejected is more about the other person than it is about you.

Just changing your perspective on rejection can help you...