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Social Skills Mastery

Mar 24, 2021

Live and recorded video is here to stay, so much so that it inescapable for anyone who wants to raise their grade and their professional profile. Producing your first videos can cause anxiety, and this is normal, so do not use that as an excuse to not face the camera and speak your truth and provide value to an audience who wants to hear from you.

One of the good things about live streaming is people are more forgiving. They expect the live video to be raw and recognize you may not look flawless. Just be sure to select a topic you know very well so your audience can focus on what you are covering, and not be distracted by inaccuracies.

Coaching can help you overcome the fear of social judgment.

As of April 10, 2021, the domain "BusinessClass.Expert" was changed to "". Links and downloads mentioned in Soft Power Podcast episodes 1 thru 52 may be accessed by simply ensuring the domain in the link is "".

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