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Social Skills Mastery

Dec 29, 2022

My quiet overthinkers, this is for you.

Cue the cocoa with mini marshmallows

Toss a log on the fire

You asked for it, and I'm giving it to you!

Social Confidence Winter Camp

January 2nd to 31st

Presenting... One full month of cozy, winter conversation, connection, and charisma coaching in a private, pop-up group where you get to…

hang out and peel-off the anti-social layers

air your fears, worries, and frustrations

meet likeminded people hunkered down and hiding for the winter

and get yourself coached!


This is for the overthinkers…

This is for the silent spectators…

This is for the coaching tire kickers & penny pinchers…

This is for the socially anxious…

This is for the coaching skeptics…

This is for the “impostors” and the limiting believers…

who are never quite sure if coaching will work for them.


And this is for shy, introverted adults who think they’re stuck and will never change.


Every Wednesday you show up for live coaching (or watch the replay).

And I give you the EXACT assignment to accomplish every weekday.

Thus, you will have unprecedented access to me for 30-days!


Literally, for the first time ever, I am going tell you EXACTLY what to do for 30-days to blow your socially reserved mind and prove that you can speak up, stand out and GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Use what you learn to be more assertive

Use what you learn to initiate or quickly end a conversation

Use what you learn for parties

Use what you learn to book new business

Use what you learn to ask someone out

Use what you learn to ask for a raise

Use what you learn to make small talk

Use what you learn to speak up in a meeting

There are probably a billion things you can do once you become socially confident.


(If you’ve been a client of mine, you know I NEVER tell you exactly what to do, even when you hate me for it!)

So… needless to say, this is something I’ve never done before.

I want you to BELIEVE that your life can literally change in an instant.

You will have access to the tools and concepts I've only shared with full-pay clients.

My goal is to literally spoon-feed you the instructions to experience social confidence.

Like, "Do this, and then do that. And then do this."

Because I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to take the EXACT steps to experience a breakthrough.

No stone will be left unturned.

No one will be left wondering what to do next.

But, do note.... The work WILL challenge you and push you out of your old patterns of overthinking and inaction...

... so if you’re like, “I just want to relax and be cozy in my blankie by the fire and not tax my nervous system” you'll want to skip this.

But I will say, it will also be absolutely exhilarating and fun for those who WANT to do this work.


And it’s just $197.


I know. Totally crazy.

But it’s actually crazier for you to stay in your shell. Not saying what’s on your mind. Not being fully seen, appreciated, valued, and making the money your talents deserve.

If you’ve been challenged in coming up with the money to pay for Social Confidence Deep Dive Coaching with me, this is an opportunity to make some serious, no-excuses progress ;)

Let’s put you on the FASTEST possible track to kick-starting 2023 and getting out of your comfort zone.

Social Confidence Camp is for:

  • Business owners and professionals who want to make a greater impact and more money
  • People in business who recognize they’re playing small and on the sidelines
  • Adults who need a pattern interrupt to their norm and a new way of thinking and approaching people in public

What are you waiting for this time?

Register now for Social Confidence Winter Camp

See you inside…

Your success is inevitable.